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    BayoTech, Inc. is a development-stage company focused on applying its proprietary nested-flow technology to the production of hydrogen, fertilizer and many other relevant applications. Visit www.bayotech.us.



    Sarcos Robotics (Sarcos Corp.) is a global leader in the development and production of dexterous robotic systems for use in unstructured environments.  Leveraging more than 25 years of research and development, Sarcos is producing human-controlled robots to improve health, safety, and quality of life by keeping humans out of harm’s way.  Time Magazine named Sarcos’ Iron Man-like exoskeleton robotic suit one of The 50 Best Inventions of 2010. Sarcos has offices in Bellevue, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah.  For more information, visit www.sarcos.com.


    FibeRio Technology Corporation, is an award winning enterprise that has pioneered a new process to create the microscopic nanofibers used widely from traditional textiles and filtration products to medical supplies and aerospace materials, with further potential applications ranging from tissue engineering to drug delivery. Originally developed at the University of Texas–Pan American (UTPA), Forcespinning™ is a much more environmentally sound breakthrough in nanofiber production that reduces manufacturing costs up to 75% while broadening the range of applicable materials. FibeRio’s experienced management team is dedicated to scaling up this powerful new technology to meet the most demanding industrial requirements and planned product launches from research scale to high output continuous in-line processing equipment. The capacities of these machines will far exceed currently used nanofiber production methods, resulting in broad implications for a huge variety of industries. “Our disruptive technology being based in Edinburg, TX could have proven to be a significant barrier to attracting capital. Cottonwood was very comfortable in committing to the company and has been tremendous in supporting us in all areas critical to our success,” said Ellery Buchanan, CEO and Founder of FibeRio. The company can be found online at www.FibeRioTech.com. Sold to Clarcor (NYSE – CLC).



    Respira Therapeutics is a drug delivery device company founded by CTF through an exclusive worldwide field of use license from the University of New Mexico. CTF has recruited a CEO with experience as a global director in large pharma plus having had founder start-up experience including an exit via a successful IPO in a prior managed company. Respira’s technology has the potential to make a significant impact in the dry inhalant drug delivery industry. Their patented approach uses a single large bead coated or uncoated which can deliver any dosage up to 25 mg using with the ability to use only the dry powder with no need for typical lactose carried particles. Their technology delivers the drugs to the deep lung at three to four times the rate of existing state-of-the-art inhalers. This has tremendous benefit to patents on existing drugs while solving the recent ban on CFCs, eliminating the need for a carrier material as currently required, solving inhalation capacity dependence, and allowing applications for new and existing drugs not previously available as a dry inhalant. A drug partner will help develop the initial product and Respire expects to enter clinical trials within 12 months. Respira Therapeutics can be found online at www.RespiraTherapeutics.com.



    Skorpios Technologies, Inc., an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based company offers unique intellectual property that represents a paradigm shift for the optical communications industry. The company’s technological advantage will permit the industry to move away from expensive and difficult 3/5 materials as the chip platform to much lower-cost and widely understood Silicon materials. The process is made even more cost-efficient considering that existing facilities and equipment are utilized without requiring any expensive modifications, new processes or new facilities. This will be a first for the industry with potentially significant impact across a number of applications, not just within the traditional telecommunications infrastructure. By extending the benefits of silicon and Moore’s law to the optical communications market, costs can be reduced by as much as ten times while improving performance and reducing power consumption. The Skorpios team is comprised of top technical and general management talent with backgrounds in both successful start-ups and large enterprises. The company has raised over $40 million since formation, a majority of which has been received from strategic corporate investors including Ericsson, Juniper, NSN, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom. www.skorpiosinc.com


    Exagen Diagnostics, Inc. is a leader in the discovery and development of genomic marker tests that assist physicians with disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response.  Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with an office in San Diego, CA, Exagen Diagnostics, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company focused on identifying and developing genomic marker sets. These marker sets are used to create laboratory tests for diagnosis, prognosis, and predictive treatment response across a number of disease categories. Exagen’s current emphasis is on  rheumatology and  lupus. Exagen is a patient focused, discovery driven, CLIA registered, CAP certified laboratory with a growing menu of proprietary, internally developed tests.  The Company is committed to personalized medicine, with tests specifically designed to provide objective information to physicians and patients for more accurate, efficient diagnosis and better disease management. www.exagen.com


    xF Technologies

    xF Technologies, based in Albuquerque, NM, turns any biomass into valuable products: fuel, additives, petrochemical replacements, and specialty chemicals. Experts in furan chemistry and homogeneous organic catalysis, xF’s patent-pending low-temperature chemical process breaks down almost any biomass from agricultural, solid waste, woody or algal waste to create specialty bio-based chemical additives and fuels. Additionally  the process involves adding an alcohol, which can be ethanol or methanol, thus making it a good partner for both the ethanol and natural gas industries.  xF is rapidly scaling up its process to a 25,000 gallon per year demonstration facility. xF’s technology will allow bio-fuel/additives production at about $2 / gallon and also reduces the production cost of important industrial chemicals such as levulinates, formates, and proprionates by about 80%. More information is available on the company’s web site at http://xftechnologies.com



    InView Technology Corporation, based in Austin, TX, is the world leader in Compressive Sensing (CS) based imaging and hyperspectral imaging technology, and will be introducing its first commercial products in 2013. InView has an exclusive license to Rice University’s foundational Intellectual Property (IP) which fundamentally defines the concept of CS imaging. The technology already has support from the intelligence community and is beginning to explore parallel commercial applications. That IP was developed and demonstrated at Rice with over $10M in government funding. The Rice University inventing professors are co-founders, advisors and consultants of InView.  More information is available on the company’s web site at http://inviewcorp.com.


    Trilumina is based in Albuquerque, NM. For the first time ever, TriLumina has demonstrated technology capable of powering hundreds of individual lasers operating in perfect synchronization at exceedingly high speeds and power. TriLumina’s “Light Engine” is a truly new and disruptive platform technology. TriLumina laser arrays can “scan,” select, transmit data, and “see” the world in a dramatically new way. The applications are almost limitless. Light Engines dramatically improve the capabilities and resolution of Natural User Interface (NUI) applications (such as the popular XBox Kinect and motion sensing SmartTVs). Light Engines advances the capabilities of NUI devices to a sophisticated real-time 3-D tool that can read your fingers, facial expressions and discriminate small movements from across the room. These same Light Engines are also capable of delivering incredible amounts of data over beams of light – over 10 gigabytes per second. Smartphones, displays, televisions, laptops, hard drives and other networked devices can connect wirelessly at fiber optic speeds. For more information, see www.trilumina.com.



    An Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Company, was established in 2012 to demonstrate and commercialize a low cost process for producing defect free wide band gap materials. Their success in producing these wafers has put the company in a position to disrupt the entire advanced power electronic industry. Market opportunities include: Power electronics in smaller packages (> 1200V); Huge improvement in power density (>50 W/cm3); Larger scale VLSI type devices on SiC (Si scale devices on SiC); High power, high frequency, fast switching RF devices. Their website is http://www.a2-m.com.


    Raptor Products Inc. combines versatility, gun security and safety with display and accessibility for gun owners. Our line of highly durable mounting and display products helps gun owners interested in home self-defense, tactical teams, law enforcement, shooters, and gun store owners secure their firearms in an innovative way. Made in the USA from heavy-duty high-tech polymer and stainless steel, Raptor Products are designed and engineered using only the highest quality of materials to create strong and durable gun mounts. Our technology gives you the assurance and confidence you need when storing, staging, mounting or displaying your firearm. Raptor Products Inc. believes in innovation and focuses on helping gun owners create better ways to secure, display and access their firearms. For more information visit usaraptor.com.



    Armonica Technologies, LLC
    Armonica Technologies is developing a proprietary long-read DNA sequencing platform that is designed to sequence a complete human genome in minutes. The Company’s mission is to become the gold standard of DNA sequencing for precision medicine research applications. Today’s standard genome sequencing approaches require extensive library preparation, and create a massive computational and bioinformatics problem related to reassembling the data set. Armonica’s technology, called optical nanopore sequencing, uses proprietary nanochannels to deliver single DNA molecules through nanopores. Nanopore sequencing produces long DNA strings, or long reads, which provide more accurate identification of genome variations and abnormalities.

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    Would you believe that a ceramic bends, folds and shapes anyway you want it? This is what Eurekite does, creating the materials that inspire new products and innovations. When designing new products, people are unconsciously biased by what a particular material can or cannot do and limit their options. We take a material and change the properties to what we need them to be. Eurekite challenges designers to break the rules, and creates products and solutions that never existed before. Eurekite creates out-of-the-box functional materials to inspire the products of the future. Having a strong network including research and industry, Eurekite is developing combinations of materials and properties never seen before. We solve problems of the existing industrial products by changing the rules, as well as, by never taking any limitation for granted. Learn more at eurekite.com.




    Birds can be a tough problem for those working in aviation, waste management or agriculture. Robirds are truly unique remotely controlled robotic birds of prey, with the realistic appearance and weight of their living counterparts. Robirds use flapping wing flight as a means of propulsion, with a flight performance comparable to real birds. Based on nature itself, the Robird models offer new and exciting possibilities in bird control. By triggering the instinct of birds, through the combination of silhouette and wing movement, chasing birds becomes fully controllable. We make sure that the man on the ground is in control of what happens in the air. Learn more at clearflightsolutions.com.




    OPNT is the first worldwide provider of short and long haul timing solutions based on so-called White Rabbit Ethernet, whose development was initiated by CERN and which greatly improves on the accuracy of the existing IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet standards. OPNT’s implementation is highly flexible, allowing retrofit solutions in existing networks with no need for replacement of legacy equipment or sacrificing valuable telecom capacity. With OPNT, network owners now have the unique opportunity to distribute and control GPS-quality timing everywhere in their own infrastructure, doing away with the inevitable third-party dependence of GPS receivers, as well as their risk of jamming and high operational expenditure. Learn more at opnt.nl


    Sound Energy

    Sound Energy
    SOUND ENERGY® is a technology start-up active in the cooling industry. It is focused on converting heat (waste or ambient) into usable air-cooling for industrial, commercial, enterprise and applications worldwide. The company has developed a Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter, the THEAC-25®. Their technology requires no electricity to operate and has no moving parts, therefore essentially no anticipated maintenance. It simply converts heat into sound waves – and converts sound waves into cooling.

      Beginning December 23, 2014, a former managing member of Cottonwood began managing the Exagen, Fiberio and InView investments exclusively.



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