Cottonwood Technology Fund Announces an Investment from Stichting ter Bevordering Ondernemerschap in Twente (SBOT)

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Cottonwood Technology Fund Announces an Investment from Stichting ter Bevordering Ondernemerschap in Twente (SBOT), a Twente based Foundation focused on the economic enhancement of the Twente Region.

Cottonwood Technology Funds, a top performing investor in technology start-ups in the Southwest, US, is continuing to expand its presence in the Twente Region of the Netherlands. Cottonwood invests in breakthrough innovation companies, particularly those active in automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, robotics, photonics, energy and advanced materials. It is one of the most successful seed/early stage funds in the US according to Preqin’s latest reporting. The expansion of Cottonwood in the Netherlands (having recently also announced the addition of KPN to its investor group) means its ability to support its current and new portfolio continues to grow. Representatives from Cottonwood have stated that the “Twente ecosystem” was an important factor in their decision to base European Operations in the east of the Netherlands.

“We chose Twente as the epicenter of our European hub because of the presence of an existing well developed entrepreneurial environment which Kennispark Twente and its partners have created there, and their commitment to continuing to develop a comprehensive world-class start-up ecosystem. We believe our approach has already catalyzed growth in the region’s start-up economy and provides a missing piece of the puzzle for their environment, connecting the region to our international ecosystem” according to Managing Director of European Operations Ray Quintana. “We have already made three Dutch investments, two of which are based in Twente.” Other founding partners in Twente include the University of Twente, the Twente Region and Thales Corporation.

“We are one of the only funds in the US to excel in seed/early stage investing outside The Valley and Boston. We focus on regions rich in ideas, but emerging in the areas of experienced management and capital. We identify compelling technology, and then partner with the companies to recruit all other resources needed for success, while allowing the company to grow and prosper in its region of origin” said Dave Blivin, Founding Director of Cottonwood.

The investment strategy that Cottonwood follows from day one is to focus on global opportunity, supporting management, connecting to global partners and providing the capital needed to maximize the enterprise value of the company. Having a holistic approach to investing, with a special focus on management talent is the secret to Cottonwood’s success.

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Jan Zandbergen, Chairman of the SBOT Foundation, said “Investment in technology and innovative companies is important for the economy in Twente, but the investment community in Twente is still young. We have been watching Cottonwood for some time. We believe that the experience, corporate network and professionalism that Cottonwood is bringing to the region and to their portfolio is good for the Netherlands in general and for Twente in particular.”

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For more information, please contact Ray Quintana, Managing Director of European Operations,
at: +31 (0)6 28 25 6346 /

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