How we seed and support deals…

Early- and seed-stage investing is not a spectator sport. Cottonwood Technology Fund works closely with entrepreneurs, providing assistance from the earliest stages. We allot significant time to helping define the business, linking it with resources, providing feedback, recruiting additional talent and raising capital. Historically, early-stage institutional investors spend three to five days per month on each portfolio company.

Cottonwood Technology Fund makes two to three investments per year over a four-year period, allowing us to spend the time needed to nurture and assist portfolio company entrepreneurs.

Cottonwood relies on an extensive network of technical and industry advisors, and we draw from the expertise and diversity of our investors. Together with our in-house experience, our approach to seeding and supporting deals has led us to success again and again.

We invest primarily in the Southwestern USA and Northern Europe

We look for:

Compelling idea/compelling market
•    Is the technology advancement significant?
•    Is there a sizeable addressable market?

Compelling management team
•    Is the inventor or entrepreneur ready to lead the business?
•    Is there a full team recruited or available?

CTF value-add
•    How do we leverage our network?
•    What resources can we call upon to assist the entrepreneur?

Syndication partners
•    Is there additional value-add funding with industry expertise available?

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