Cottonwood Technology Funds (CTF) are seed and pre-seed-stage technology commercialization funds with offices in New Mexico, USA and Enschede, The Netherlands. The general partner of the funds has proven itself with top returns in regions rich in innovation but lacking in capital and management — the other critical resources for enabling success. CTF works to provide venture services and capital to tech transfer opportunities with strong commercial potential.

The CTF model was first developed and tested in the Southeastern US. Today, the Southwestern US and Northern Europe are experiencing a similar combination of advantages and challenges. Once again, returns are validating our approach, which identifies and supports the development of category-leadership companies.

We borrowed our name from a tree that is native to the Southwestern US: the Rio Grande Cottonwood. A welcome sight to pioneer desert caravans because it often signaled water, the Cottonwood typically reaches 50 to 60 feet in height and can produce as many as 25 million seeds in a season. CTF aims to be as fruitful with its work.

Southwest US

The CTF Southwest US region stretches from Phoenix to Denver to Austin and includes the Rio Grande Technology Corridor running along the Rio Grande from Los Alamos, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas. As host to three federal labs, multiple medical centers, and more than a dozen premier engineering schools and research universities, this is an area rich in resources. Collectively, these institutions represent more than $10.0 billion in annual research across critical fields such as biosciences, new energy, nanotechnology, information technologies, cleantech and aerospace.

Northern Europe

CTF’s Northern European region includes Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. This area is rich in innovation centers and home to numerous multinational corporations including Thales, Shell, Philips, Robert Bosch, KLM and Sabic. The region’s innovation areas of expertise are similar to those of the Southwestern US, making it compatible with our network and existing portfolio focus areas.









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